2024 New Automatic Recharge APP Control Sweeping Robot Sweeping Dragging Suction Integrated Household Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

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2024 New Automatic Recharge APP Control Sweeping Robot Sweeping Dragging Suction Integrated Household Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner


Model: Sweeping Robot

Color: Black, white

Weight 2.1KG

Operating voltage :

Battery capacity :2500mah

Specification :280*280*73mm

First charge time :6 hours

Charging time :6 hours

Extra power :<16W

Single operation time: about 90-120 minutes

Input voltage :5V1A/2A/3A

Working volume :60 dB

Battery: Lithium battery

Machine thickness :7.5CM

Material :ABS materialm



Product advantages:

1. Automatic recharge + intelligent App control, freeing your hands and simplifying the complex. Supports automatic recharging, the sweeper starts working after leaving home, and automatically returns to charging when the battery is low. It can also be linked with the smartphone APP for remote control and convenience. Mobile phone smart APP control, automatic return to home for charging, built-in anti-fall and anti-collision sensor

2. Smart sweeping and mopping is better than ever. Brand new gift box packaging, black and white available

3. One machine has multiple uses, clean and comprehensive. 1200PA suction power, more comprehensive sweeping; 11 sets of induction systems to prevent falls and collisions; 7.5CM slim body with obstacle clearance function;

4. Simple and easy to use, worry-free and worry-free. Intelligent control via mobile phone can be started remotely; intelligent planning requires no manual intervention; automatic recharging and scanning continues after pause.

5. The machine’s 1200Pa storm-like suction power penetrates deep into gaps for efficient cleaning. The key to sweeping and cleaning is powerful suction. This sweeping robot provides a large suction power of 1200Pa, which can quickly absorb dust on the ground and clean the gaps cleanly.

6.3 levels of suction power can be switched at will to meet various cleaning needs. Set 3 levels of suction power for different dirt and garbage. It’s big enough to absorb grains and pebbles; it’s small enough to handle lint, dust, and hair with ease. The quiet setting can clean dust and hair quietly and long-lastingly; the standard setting can clean paper scraps, melon seeds and other dirt to meet daily cleaning; the powerful setting can clean dirt the size of soybeans, suitable for powerful cleaning

7. Intelligent route planning, step by step, clean in one sweep. Intelligent navigation and precise positioning. Construct a map of the whole house in real time and plan the cleaning route, so that no random scanning, no repeated scanning, and no missed cleaning can be achieved, and every corner of the room can be cleaned.

8. Automatically return to home for charging, so that every time you start it up, it will be fully charged.

It supports automatic recharging. When you leave home from work and start working, the sweeper will automatically return to charging when the battery is low. When you return home from get off work, it will be fully charged again. Automatically recharge when the battery power is lower than 20%. Accurate recharging, wide angle to increase signal, accurate return to home

9. Brand new intelligent anti-fall, intelligent anti-air drop, 6 sets of anti-fall sensor lights. When the machine base is designed with 6 groups (2 pieces in each group), the intelligent LED sensor light can sense and turn in time, is not afraid of falling, and will not break. It is a powerful assistant for mothers.

10.2 cm strong enough to cross obstacles on complex home floors and walk freely. The chassis and center of gravity design are optimized, and anti-skid drive wheels are used for stronger climbing. Easily overcome common obstacles such as slide rails and small steps, achieving full house coverage. Off-road chassis, wear-resistant and non-slip; large off-road gear, strong climbing performance; double wheels with small center of gravity to provide balance

The 11.75mm slim body allows you to move around your home flexibly. The body thickness is only 75mm*, making it easy to reach under beds, sofas, tables and chairs, and freedom of movement allows for higher cleaning coverage.

12. Long lasting and high battery life of 2000 mAh, lithium battery can easily handle large homes. Large-capacity lithium battery, low power consumption system, battery life up to 90 minutes, convenient and fast charging, one-time cleaning area of about 90-120 square meters, meeting the needs of most families. 2000Mah large-capacity lithium battery; large cleaning area of 90-120 square meters; battery life of 90 to 120 minutes

13. Connect to the smart App for remote control, which is convenient.

The sweeping robot supports connecting to the mobile phone smart app; it can be remotely controlled by one-click startup in the app. Switch modes and gears to check the cleaning status in real time, giving you full control anytime and anywhere. Remote control, switch modes, check cleaning status, switch gears

14. Steps to connect the mobile app: 1. Download the Tuya Smart app in the manual; 2. Press and hold the key for 3 seconds when the machine is turned on (until the green light flashes quickly)

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black, WHITE



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